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There is more than one way to make someone’s day. That’s why High-5-Club™ offers support in FIVE important areas where our research shows that children with chronic illness and their families often have the greatest unmet needs:

We will be launching with:

#1 – High-5 Care Kits

Wow. Incidental costs associated with seeking treatment for a child with a chronic illness can add up super fast (and insurance doesn’t cover any of it). High-5 Care Kits™ provide pre-paid gift cards to families to help ease treatment-day costs for: gas, groceries/meals, snacks, and hospital-friendly entertainment, etc. It’s a small helping hand that makes a huge difference in helping kids in treatment persevere.

As funding grows, we will add:

#2 – Micro-Grants for Alternative Treatments

Chronic illness takes a mighty toll on a young person’s body. More and more doctors are recommending alternative therapy treatments to support/augment overall treatment protocols. High-5-Club™ provides a limited number of micro-grants to children with chronic illness in order to help manage pain, increase range of motion, and help hurting kids’ bodies feel better.

#3 – Pediatric Fellowships:

Did you know that there is a severe shortage nationally in pediatric doctors specializing in the care of children with chronic illness? This forces sick kids to travel hours (sometimes even out of state) to receive treatment –or- to remain under the care of local doctors not trained to meet their unique and specific needs. We need more doctors committed to treating chronically ill kids. To that end, High-5-Club™ will first award one $50,000 Pediatric Fellowship to a doctor training at Shands/UF with hopes to then expand the fellowship program nationwide.

#4 – Up High! Campaign

Being a child with a chronic illness has its serious low points. No one understands that quite as well as a fellow kid walking the same journey. Our Up High! campaign gives children with chronic illness (and their friends and families) an opportunity to show support to other families battling illness. To help lift fellow hearts ‘up high’, participants are set up with their own High-5-Club™ webpage which they can creatively use as their own fundraising site to help raise “High-5” donations in honor of their birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions.

#5 – Socio-Emotional Support

A chronic illness diagnosis is a hard hand to be dealt, one that completely derails a child’s sense of everyday normal life. And while the medical community does wonders treating children physically, there is a huge need for support helping children (and their families) cope with the diagnosis socially and emotionally. High-5-Club™ is amassing a broad online library of tips, information, and support resources to help families, and the communities they live in, better understand how to successfully navigate ALL aspects of a life with a chronic illness.

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